Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Macmillian Cancer Support

Spreading the word about support is more important than ever, which is why I’ve decided to discuss it here on my blog. Luckily there is plenty of help and advice available which is easy to access and could potentially make a difference to carers and cancer suffers’ life and wellbeing.

It’s said that an estimated 46% of carers suffer from mental problems as a result of the strains which such care demands; it is common place for carers to stuffer from stress, anxiety and depression. 
Unfortunately caring for a loved one doesn’t just affect the health and wellbeing of a carer it can also have an impact on their financial situation, job prospects and emotional state of mind

With this in mind Macmillan Cancer Support is a dedicated organisation which helps cancer suffers and the people who are supporting them. With literature that covers all areas of cancer from being diagnosed to financial support available cancer carers, it’s a must go-to site if you find yourself in a situation of needing to learn more.

macmillan cancer carers

Further to a vast amount of literature Macmillan Cancer Support is also able to offer one-to-ones; local support groups, support helplines and online community forums all designed for carers specifically, helping them discover what they are entitled too and how to claim it.

Although this study focuses directly on cancer carers I think it is important to remember that there are many carers across the country looking after people with many different illnesses. Many of these carers are also entitled to help from local councils. However for them to act they need to know about the care and support which you are offering to a loved one. So please don’t be afraid to contact your local council and see how they can help- you may be surprised.

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