Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Walking Warriors NEED YOUR HELP!!

 Walking Warriors


We need to raise at least £3000 for Macmillan cancer support, it has been inspired by a great people, grandparents, friends and close family members. We are putting our bodies through hell to get fit for this 24 hr event and we are determined to hit our goals. 

The Salisbury Journal are kindly supporting us, local businesses are now getting behind us, so now i'm asking for YOU guys to stand up and support us, any help raising the money would be appreciated or even sharing some ideas on how to raise the money on our facebook page would be great.

Our Team Story

Cancer is a disease that affects a great proportion of the population of the United Kingdom . Each one of us is certain to know someone who has suffered from one form of cancer, and there are many different types. It is an ever present factor in the lives of millions of people, and a disease that brings heartbreak and anguish to the families of those, young and old, who suffer from and succumb to cancer day after day.

Our aim is to climb the three mountains in under 24hrs with a team who have passion and determination, we want to walk up those mountains with our heads held high and be proud to walk in memory of those who have been affected by cancer.

The team and i will be training hard, wearing T-Shirts with pictures of the people who have been affected by cancer.. We have our own blog and facebook page in which we will be updating with pictures and videos of our training as well as having a page dedicated to each and everyone's personal reason for doing this.


Sarah Mercer for donating £5
Nicola Atkinson for donating £10
Kirsty Hart for donating £10
and also we cant for get the other Anonymous donations totalling to £40

Donations List

Chris Brown
David Jordan
Ian Hoddy

Daniel Brady
Ed Hand
Chris Matthews
Craig Clark
Alex Cheetham

Thanks again for your ongoing support

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