Friday, 22 June 2012

David Jordan hits our Country Roads

David Jordan hits our Country Roads

Part of the teams training for the Three Peaks Challenge is to end ergo endurance training to help us keep on top of the training and help us prepare for the challenge that lies in front of us next year.

David's Country Challenge

David wanted to see what my cycling route was like and asked if he could tag along, naturally i agreed, i picked up his bike and headed back to the starting line, which was situated in middle Winterslow.

The journey starts off with what i call the 'training triangle' which is a steep hill followed by various other challenging hills which in my opinion gets the heart pumping and legs stretched.

Then comes the pleasant 10 mile cycle through villages like East Tytherly, West Tytherly, lockerly and Dean. 

The beauty of all these villages are amazing, the views are outstanding, all of these villages are surrounded by fields. 


After being stuck by outstanding views we continue the cycle through  Bentley Woods which again is surrounded by beautiful scenery.

When we come out and headed across some fields the dirt tracks eventually lead us to our last mammoth hill of the journey, this really was tough after 90 mins of cycling this felt really hard, when we got past that barrier we came to the final stretch which is a down hill sprint to the finish.

It was an amazing cycle and i really enjoyed Davids company, very motivational when the pain kicked in. 

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